Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Mayur Painting

 Materials used
    1.Beautiful picture of one or more peacocks
    2.Velvet cloth
    3.Various colors of sequences and stones;one stone should be in the shape of
       eye N collect some white shells.
    4.Blue N red glitter paint
    5.Fabric glue
    6.3d glitter green
How to do:
   1. First draw the picture on the velvet cloth using 3d glitter green.
   2. Let it dry for 24hrs
   3. Iron on the reverse side of the cloth after 24hrs
   4. Stick shells ( i used sequences),stones and sequences.
   5. Paint blue and red glitter paints


  1. Hi Varsha,

    This looks adorable. Could you tell me where I can order the pictures?


  2. Ramesh, sorry for the delay.I am out of country now.Thanks for the interest.Am not sure whether you can buy it because this item is handmade.