Sunday, April 25, 2010

Astadala Ganapathi

Materials used:
    1. Fevicryl fabric glue
    2. Stained glass
    3. Gold liner-3d/glass
    4. Glass paint-leaf green,lemon yellow
    5. Silver glitter powder
How to do:
      1. Draw the picture using 3d liner on the stained glass
      2. Let it dry
      3. Fill each leaf separately using fabric glue (I used almost 9 big bottle) as the thickness u wish.
      4. Sprinkle glitter powder on it
      5. Let it dry completely( it will take minimum 10-15 days.when it dries it will become transparent ) 
      6. After it dries completely draw the lines using 3d liner.
      7. Let it dry.
      8.  Paint it with glass colors.